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Here are some links to common files that Web Developers require.  We’ve put all the links in one handy page for your reference.

Bootstrap CDN - Advantech SoftwareLink to Bootstrap files online with Bootstrap CDN (Content Delivery Network)


Link to Bootstrap CDN//www.bootstrapcdn.com

It’s a quick and easy resource to access to link the latest bootstrap files online without having to download for each project.

You can also link to FontAwesome and Bootstrap Legacy versions from here also.

Bootstrap Framework


To access the latest Bootstrap, go to: //getbootstrap.com

Bootstrap Getting Started Quick link:  //getbootstrap.com/getting-started/

JJQuery, Web DevelopmentQuery

To access the latest Jquery, go to: //www.jquery.com

JQuery UIJQuery UI

To access the latest JqueryUI: //www.jqueryui.com

FontAwesome, Web DevelopmentFontAwesome

The latest FontAwesome, go to: //fontawesome.io/

FontAwesome Cheat Sheet (very handy tool): //fontawesome.io/cheatsheet/