IT Support and Consultancy Services

IT Support

Advantech Software can provide you with the IT support you need without hiring a dedicated IT support person. If you require someone to maintain and manage your website, database services such as performance tuning and monitoring or a company to be there if you have a problem with your internal software, we can provide the support you need.

Pre-purchase a block of consulting & support hours that last 12 months, from as small as 5 hours a year. We provide Timesheet reports throughout this period so you are up to date with where the time has been spent.

Systems Integration

We know that as a business grows, the processes that you had in place Day 1 don’t necessary make sense or have changed. Do you have an existing system that requires an upgrade of features but have no way to enhance the system? We can almost always provide an option to integrate or write an add-on to your existing software to deliver a more complete solution for your business.

Our developers think outside the box, to help provide a suitable and cost effective solution for your changing business. Contact us for more information


As with building a house, software is very much the same. You must design, analyse, plan, test, implement and deliver to fulfil a complete Software Solution. Advantech Software can provide specialised documentation required for any software development. Here are some of the documents that generally go hand in hand with a successful software project. Each project however does differ in size, only the necessary documentation tailored to meet your requirements will be delivered.

  • User Requirements – a review of what the “user” requires from a business/client perspective.  What does the user need? What is the outcome required?
  • Technical Specification – how the user requirements will be implemented from a technical perspective. What tools will be required, the various components that make up the system defined.
  • Project Schedule – a schedule of time and resources for the entirety of the project.
  • Installation Plan – This is key for systems to know where files have been installed, how to install them and how to access them at a later stage for updates.
  • Acceptance Test Plan – We can assist in writing this important document. An acceptance test plan helps tie the user requirements to the delivered solution to ensure that each outcome is delivered successfully.

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