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Systems Integration - Advantech Software

When enhancing your existing software systems is crucial to operating your business – we can assist with integrated software development

Advantech Software are experts when it comes to analysing 3rd party software systems and providing a complete integrated software solution to enhance or enrich your existing systems.

We take the time to understand the business principles that the 3rd party software is providing and provide a comprehensive report on how we can integrate or enhance your existing systems. By following our principles, this will provide:

  • Cost benefit to your business
  • An integrated seamless approach to enhancing your existing systems
  • A better process all round for your employees who use the system

Some typical examples of software integration working at it’s best are:

  1. Accounting Systems – we have integrated with many accounting systems. Accounting systems do what they do best and that is Accounting. They don’t know business process for your exact business and that is where Advantech Software can provide the necessary interface and plugins to ensure you do not require double entry of data into your accounting system. We can provide you the business custom software to allow your business to run and import all the necessary data into your accounting system that will provide the seamless operation for your business. Cloud accounting systems are becoming increasingly popular, such as Xero and Myob Cloud Solution
  2. Blogs – There are 1001 blog engines available. For example – the Advantech Software website utilises BlogEngine .NET for our blogging. We then wrote the software solution to provide the interface with our website and the blogengine.
  3. Shopping Carts – need a shopping cart for your website feeding off the data from your internal stock management system? It would be a waste of time to have to enter your stock into 2 separate systems. A simple plugin can provide regular updates between your stock management system and your online shopping cart. This interface can also retrieve orders and record them into your accounting system.

The options are endless. An integrated software solution is all about being cost effective and streamlining your business to meet your business objectives and goals.

Could you be more productive if your software systems all talked to each other?

Enquire today on how we can help you.

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