Product Highlights

  • Parts Maintenance Schedule
  • Location Register
  • Employee Training Register, Licensing and Qualifications

Target Audience

  • Companies that require compliance of staff
  • Companies that require Asset Tracking
  • Training Providers – a value add to clients
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Signage/Media Companies

Stay Compliant . Track Assets


Employee Training Register

Do your staff need to keep their qualifications up to date regularly in order to be certified for a particular duty within their job? Keep track of the training courses, license details and qualifications of your employees easily.

View expiring courses for each employee.

Add a “refresher” course to an existing training course.

Asset Register

Tracks the location of your assets. Using a Mapping interface, quickly see where your assets are physically located and manage each asset individually.


Reporting Module

Comprehensive reporting is available to quickly provide a list of staff that meet the criteria you need for that next job you are tendering for.

Certify - Advantech Software

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