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Do I need the cloud?

What is the cloud?

How can cloud software solutions help me?

These are common questions and valid questions to ask. Is it worth going cloud computing and just exactly what is this phenomenon of “CLOUD” computing?

A brief overview of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing simply put is using software and technology on the internet. Moving away from local server or desktop installed applications and to a centralised server model being the “INTERNET”. Cloud is a BUZZ word that was thrown around about 8 years ago and has since taken off. We all use the internet but didn’t leverage the power of having our software solutions based online as well as we could have. There are much more affordable and scale-able solutions available now to provide Cloud computing as an option for any business, small or large.

Cloud computing can offer many benefits, from increased efficiency through to better back backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Below are a few core benefits as to why Cloud computing is so popular these days.

Accessible Anywhere

For a business that has many offices, staff who are mobile or travel a lot, or staff who work from home, Cloud computing is a perfect solution. It is accessible anywhere there is an internet connection and a device that can connect to the internet. It is ever more popular with a growing number of people in the work force who are telecommuting part of their working week from home.


Does Cloud Computing cost anymore than a traditional internal server solution? There is no right or wrong answer here, but for the small to medium size business, the answer is NO. If anything, it removes having to have an expert around to resolve any server issues or having to implement your own backup system.


Growing Business

Cloud Computing is a perfect solution to a growing business. With the right cloud hosting offer, the hosting service is scalable to accommodate data, processing power and bandwidth without degrading speed or reliability.