Software Development & Services

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To deliver a successful software project, it not only takes great programmers, but more importantly – great business minded developers who understand your needs and can translate that into a usable software product to suit your business.

The process we follow to deliver a successful project involves our developers to see first hand how you work, day to day operations, what tasks are lengthy and can be improved upon. This is where we differ as a software company. We develop the software to mold around your business and not the other way around.

We offer a variety of services around the Software Industry. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, we have the expertise to deliver a quality solution for your business plus the knowledge to easily integrate and achieve performance for your existing systems.

Our developers are passionate about  the software they develop and support. All our software development services are here in Brisbane, Australia and we meet with your face to face to deliver a solution that will not only achieve the required goals but exceed your expectations.

We are continually upgrading our skill set to encompass the latest technologies, methods and planning tools to ensure successful product delivery. Partnering with some of the biggest companies, such as Microsoft, Google, Xero and MYOB, this allows us to stay one step ahead of this fast paced industry.

Custom Software Development

Every business has IT of some sort these days, whether it be from the phone system, your desktop computers, accountancy services or a software solution to run your business. Our greatest success is from delivering real world business solutions to suit your business process and needs. We can write a software solution that can meet 100% of the criteria required to keep your day to day operations efficient, precise and allow for growth. Whether it be a desktop solution, cloud application or these days a mobile application, we have the knowledge to provide 1 or all of these software solutions for your business.

Website Design

When was the last time you looked at your website? This is the first thing that new customers will see before meeting you face to face. Is this the look you want, was the last update 4-5 years ago? Does it work on a mobile device? We can provide the full service to our clients, ensuring that not only does the design we create for their business looks fantastic, but deliver a great public facing image for your business.

Native Mobile Apps

There are estimates of that smart phone users will reach 6.1Billion by 2020. You read that right, 6.1 BILLION users! If you want to capture a small % of that market with a smart phone and/or tablet app, we have got you covered. Advantech Software creates cross platform native apps using a Xamarin in our native #1 software development tool Visual Studio by Microsoft.

Database & Design

Our database experts have been called into a number of organisations where previous database consultants were unable to find a solution. Not only did we deliver a successful outcome but in a very short time frame and improved performance of many database systems.

Reporting goes hand in hand with databases, if you have the right database design you will achieve successful reports that are easy to use, read and very responsive.


We offer advice and support, provide user and technical requirement documentation for systems. Integrating with existing systems is another specialty that we offer, thinking outside the box for ways to enhance your business systems and finding the best possible way to integrate successfully using the infrastructure and software already in place.

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