Prototype your App Idea

Native App Design: Prototype your Native AppCreate the ultimate user experience

A quick an easy way to Prototype your App is to use a prototype tool to visually design your app from the ground up. This also provides the customer confidence that you will deliver precisely the look and feel they are after, with their valuable input going into the design phase of the project.

A prototype tool that we use is JustInMind. JustInMind also has a Free Edition that allows you to create a full prototype of your application, not only for Mobile Apps, but includes web applications, responsive websites and now Google Glass!

When we built and designed our Native App for our Online Ordering system Order247,  JustInMind was the first tool we turned to in order to get the User Experience right.

Here is an example of how we designed the Order247 Native App for iPhone 4. This was since updated for iPhone 5 and 6. Prototyping our Apps is part of the Development Process we follow at Advantech Software.

Order247 Prototype Design - Advantech Software