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We implement many websites every year for clients and 80% of the time, the first question I am asked is:

Will I start appearing on Google now?

Unfortunately, it’s a little more complex than getting a new website. In short, the answer is “no”. It takes work and effort to rank well on Google.

Then there is that buzz word “SEO” that is mentioned. Search Engine OptimisationWhat is that? It’s using marketing concepts, strategies and well worded content to obtain higher rankings on Search Engines, not just Google.

When setting up a website, it’s important to go through some of the following steps:

  1. Obtain a Google Analytics code
  2. Have at least 1 social media platform setup for your business. Many businesses prefer just to use LinkedIn, but I would highly suggest to have a Facebook page – just with your contact details, opening hours and the like. You don’t necessarily have to keep it up to date often, just have one available.
  3. Try to think like a customer who wants/needs your product or service – what would you search for on google to find you? Utilise these keywords or phrases within the content of your website. Use the Google Keyword planner to help you.
  4. Ask partner businesses and/or clients to have a link on their website to yours.

After a couple of weeks, it’s important to monitor the performance of your site. Look at how users are finding your site, what pages they are reading, how long they are staying on your site. Google Analytics can tell you all this information quickly and easily.

Just like a car needs to be serviced, so does your website.

  • Keep tuning the keywords
  • Add new content
  • Update your home page


Check how you are ranking against your target keywords.

Try this site out: SEG – Search Engine Genie.

  • Enter your site
  • Enter the keywords you want to rank on
  • Select the region you are targeting
  • Fill in the captcha (maths question).